a new creation

a new creation

Today I felt the need to share my morning bible reading with you. Its been a morning of firsts for me. My son has embarked on his grade 5 camp today & he has tackled the departure with so much grace & courage that I feel we are embarking on a new beginning. I am so proud as I sit here this morning with the knowledge that new experiences sometimes freaks out even the most brave of us. My boy is growing up…

My reading upon returning home came from 2 Corinthians 5 & verse 17 speaks about being a new creation in Christ. Today & every day that we embrace the grace of God, we are walking into that new knowing, new being. This morning, I feel like Jordan has shed some of his old skin & tried on his own new attire. My heart bursts with joy! I hope that everyday that he encounters from here on forward, he is able to draw on this courageous mantle that he wore. Bravery is not the lack of fear, but the learning that we can walk alongside it & survive.

Today I also lay claim to my own destiny. The destiny of becoming a new creation. A creation forged under the illumination of my Creator. God has come to show me again today that no matter how much doubt I may have, how much fear I may hold, how much uncertainty there may be…. that in his name I am a new creation. I hold within my human body so many patterns that I have created to safeguard myself. Created emotions & energy around things that may not even have relevance. Things that do not serve me, do not serve my greater good. Created safeguards & safety nets to protect myself, protect those I hold dear. Told myself stories that make me feel better… but in fact that’s all they are. Temporary sonnets that I sing to myself when the darkness comes to shadow me.

And then God says that in him, through Christ I am a new Creation. This reading speaks of reconciliation. Also so fitting for today. My husband & I were discussing the country, where it is headed. Where we have come from. How much hurt & anger there is… Anger is but a by product of fear, of sadness, of loneliness, of regret, of persecution. Anger protects you from facing all of the hurt you may be holding. Anger is your bodyguard.

And also within 2 Corinthians 5, in the beginning, it speaks of how these earthly bodies are just vessels, tents, the clothing that our souls wear. Therefor- do we require Anger as a bodyguard? The answer I have given myself is NO! I don’t require Anger because the Creator of the Universe holds my soul & he ensures that there is a home for it in eternity. I therefor do not require a mask of anger, nor a mask of power, nor a mask of certainty, nor a mask of playing small, nor a mask of ego, nor any mask that prevents me from being who I truly am, who I was created to be & who my Creator knows that I will be.

Today I claim the right to be EXACTLY who God wanted me to be when he formed me in my mothers womb.

I end off this sharing today with one of the colour bottles I pulled for myself today. G8- Illumination. The darkest bottle of the collection of bottles that I use to do Colour readings. It is only by going into & through the darkness that we are able to find the light & appreciate it. Just as Bravery is not the lack of fear, but the learning that we can walk alongside it & survive…. so Darkness is not the lack of light but the learning that we can go through it & appreciate the illumination that comes after. Today, may the light of the Creator overtake any darkness that may be towering over you. May His light & the light of the collective Universe bring forth a new day, a new creation, a new you, a new me….

Much love

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