A new Vision

A new Vision

It has been 2 years since I officially resigned from my corporate career without knowing where I was headed or what God had planned for my life. I remember knowing that I needed to make a change but having no idea where the road would take me or whether I would be happy again…

All that I knew at that stage was that I had told God that I needed a change & that I wanted to be happy. I remember writing out the Vision much like I am doing now & detailing how I wanted to feel about life. I remember describing the space I wanted to be in, how I wanted my family to feel & how I wanted to feel fulfilled. I remember wanting to be making a difference & wanting to be a part of something bigger that was changing lives….

I remember creating the plan to achieving that Vision….

And now, it’s been almost 2 years that Evolution Inc. has been in operation, doors open & facilitating huge transformation. With Gods help I have built a little slice of heaven on earth & I am STILL in awe of how God has not only met, but raised my expectations!

I got baptized 2 weeks ago. I gave my life to the Lord because He gave His life for me. Because He gave me my life! Because He showed me that if I am obedient to Him, to His prompting & His guidance… that I can have it all. The life, the happiness, the free time, the rest, the spiritual peace, the family, the career, the laughter, the tribe, ALL OF IT!

Last week, 1 week into getting baptized I told God that I needed to step out of my studio space for a bit. Not because I needed to escape, but because I needed to get clear about the next step. Because I knew when I got baptized that something new was waiting for me on the other side of coming up out of that water. I felt it in my spirit… just the same way I had back in 2016, before I knew what God had planned. Before Evolution Inc. & before I took the big leap of faith.

And then God decided He would send me to sunny Durban. Where the sun shines 365 days of the year. Where the sound of the sea is the consistent background music of the city. Where the air is fresh & where I could come & birth my new dream…

God has taught me over these last few years that He wants me to actively participate in the building of my future. That although I rely on Him for strength, for clarity, for truth… that His spirit inside me informs my mind. That through His guidance, internally I have the dream already incubated. That if I continue to be obedient to His prompting, He will continue to show me the way. The way to create the Vision that is unfolding… to my conscious mind. The Vision that is not only for me but also for Him & for so many other that will come after me. For those who are walking the same road as I am, for those who do not know yet that they are on a road, for those who know they need to get onto a road but are unsure about where the road is, for those who are praying for a road, for those who think that this is the end of the road.

And so here I am…

Writing a blog again for the first time in months, after having ticked off a few things that God asked me to do. Thinking about the future & knowing that although I cannot yet see the images clearly in my mind… knowing that my spirit has already seen it, felt it and tasted it. I am blessed! Blessed because I know the plans He has for me, plans to give me hope & an even brighter future. Plans to prosper me… Plans to unlock for me, with me & through me, many other futures & hope & joy.

And so I begin to build this new Vision. Starting with my famous coaching line for building Visions…

If you had nothing to stop you, prevent you, restrict you. If no-one judged you, scared you or controlled you… what would you create? What would you do?

I would want people to know that its ALL possible. That we can have it all because God has created us. That it is possible to create heaven on earth. That we can be balanced, well rounded, grounded & joyful. That we can create abundance from the things we love. The things that makes us happy & that fulfills us. That we can serve one another, learning & teaching & connecting. That we can be wives & mothers, husbands & fathers, sister, brothers, acquaintances, mentors & friends. That we can be children of the Kingdom & sowers of seeds. That we can be fishers of men. That our influence is beyond things of this world & that through Him, people  canbelieve that they are enough… they need not buy another single product to mask who they really are!!

That we can bring light & love & hope. That God has designed us for purpose & passion & prosperity. That we don’t need alcohol or food, addictions or afflictions. That beauty really is internal & that we don’t need material stuff to define us. That we need NOT be busy but create the life we dream of from a place of rest. That miracles are possible & that the Spirit of God is real. That that spirit lives inside of us & wants nothing more than to inform us, guide us & gift us the blessings & grace that Jesus Christ promised. That we are one… different colours, races, religions, nationalities. That we are born of the Creator & in His image. That in us & through us Heaven will come to earth. That we are who HE SAYS WE ARE… not what the world wants us to believe. That if we trust & have faith… we can do almost anything. That the world tells us it is NOT possible but that God tells us it is ALL possible. That God is greater than the world because He overcame the world. That my belief in God’s plan informs the world. That through God, I can breathe life into my Vision. That when I hover over the darkness as God did in Genesis, with my words informed by Him…. I can create. That I can bring light into the darkness & day to the night. That through that light, life will come. That that life is beautiful, fruitful, plentiful & amazing.

That we can have life… that He promised it to us & that it is TRUTH. What is your Vision… today I am birthing mine. You can too!

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1 Comment
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