awaken to the light

awaken to the light

Sometimes when you are walking through this life you go through emotions that you cannot explain. Emotions that are so deeply rooted that they are a part of you down to the very core of your being. They hold you like a vice, you feel as if you are trapped.

Fearfully you attempt to break yourself free, try to escape. Try to move onwards into the light but sometimes you are unable…. and then you make a choice. A conscious decision to be courageous. You say to the universe that you are ready to take up your mantle in the light and claim what is rightfully and spiritually yours to own. And by God’s will, he allows you to walk through that dark tunnel and step wholly into the brilliance that is your destiny.

The light is inside you. It is a part of you. It is embedded inside your being. Its is not easy to break free from the from the afflication that society has told you is necessary to measure success.  I have imparted that afflication on myself by allowing myself to conform.  Emancipation was never going to be easy. It was always going to be a challenge; for it is after the struggle to break free that freedom tastes so sweet when finally yielded. It is after the darkness that the light is needed. What use would light be if darkness were not also there. The light MUST sometimes be mined and processed like a precious metal, sometimes smelted down by extreme heat and pressure. Cleaned and moulded and nurtured…. and possibly only then may it be powerfully shared with the world.

Luminescent brilliance… endless and boundless. Vast and transcendental. All inside you waiting to be unlocked like a treasure. Sometimes you have to let go of who you have become, to be the person you were always meant to. It feels like fate. It feels like part of you. It is unreal and surreal. It is yours.

And you are grateful. You are eternally and unexplainably grateful. You stare up to the heavens and say to God. “I am forever in your debt. I will own this power you have bestowed me and I will go into the world and share it. I will shine it like a beacon for the lost and the destitute. I will cascade it and reflect it and multiply it’s brilliance . You are the light, I am your child, thank you for sharing it with me”

And even though the fear sometimes takes hold in moments & frustration and anxiety fills moments of your day… never let it consume you. Relinquish control; for the path is already underneath your feet.

John1:5 says “The light shines into the darkness…. the darkness shall NEVER overcome it. “

I hear the voice calling to me through the darkness & I feel the warm faint flicker of the light that is inside me.Go out… be courageous… be the light…. Awaken! Awaken! Awaken!


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