Colour Connections

Colour Connections

March is the National month of Colour therapy & although we have been offline for a bit during this first week or 2, in celebration, we want to share info about how colour transforms the world all around us!

The rest of March at Evolution Inc. will not only be about Colour coaching, but about creating awareness around how colour subconsciously influences our day to day existence in almost every sphere!

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It doesn’t really matter whether you have ever had a Colour connection with a colour therapist or witnessed a Colour connection or even heard about Colour therapy… we are all practicing some level of colour therapy on ourselves daily.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are using colour to feel a certain way. Whether it is in the colour we wear, the colour we accessorize with, the colour we paint our nails, the colour smoothie we choose to drink, the colour diary we purchase, the colour we paint our walls, the decorative highlight colours in our homes, the colour veggies we buy for supper etc etc etc… Colour is present in our lives & when we begin to look at what they mean, we will begin to understand the psychology that goes along with it.

In marketing & branding, colour has meaning & on a psychological level, the colour of certain well known big brands are evoking certain emotions & reactions from their target markets on a large scale.

During colour therapy month, why not play with colour & see how your choices alter the way you feel & the energy you project into the world!?

Slip into a light blue shirt, a firm favorite to calm & relax, communicating trust & faith or slip on a pair of racy red heels to demonstrate your go-getting leader attitude & high energy level.

Balance yourself with harmonious greens or add fun pops of yellow to bring an element of laughter, lightness & fun!

Feeling a little dusty & drab, pinks add a youthful element of fun & happiness! Coral families are all about self love & unconditional acceptance.

Adding colour to your wardrobe, home & meals can shift you from one state to another & give you a lift when you need it most. A plate of colour adds nutrients to your body & contributes to giving you the balance you require for mind, body & soul.

Colour has been used since ancient times for its healing properties & abilities & the colours associated with certain essential oils, herbs & medicinal plants all speak the same universal language. Whether the healing effect of lavender or lilac or the soothing effect of mint or aloe… colour tells an age old story that some of us have forgotten until now…

We will be covering some colour for the month of March, sharing a bit about what certain colours mean & how you can use them to lift a mood or clear a sinus headache. What a brilliant way to start using colour intentionally to invigorate, enlighten & help ourselves to fresh dose of some good vibes.


  1. Paint a wall or a room in your house with the latest relaxing shades from Dulux to help ease your tension after a hard day the office
  2. Buy a fun new outfit, pair of shoes or funky new coloured shades from local brands Ateljee or Luscious by Lauren in a colour to help lift your spirits or encourage nurturing & self love
  3. Get a fun colourful mani or pedi at Ways of Wellness or purchase a fun affordable nail colour from local brand Poised cosmetics!
  4. Be brave & sport a daring new lip colour or a GO bold with a new hair colour!
  5. Buy a new throw, pillows or a vase from Mr Price Home & add some fun, creativity & zest to your space.
  6. Refurbish an antique furniture piece, creating a vintage blast to a modern space.
  7. Get some fresh ingredients for a salad that contains all the colours of the rainbow, infusing your body with vitamins & minerals & balancing your inherent nutritional need for colour in your diet.
  8. Bake some brightly coloured cupcakes, eat a brightly coloured piece of fruit, pop by local brand Theonista or blend your own vibrant smoothie! We will be sharing some great recipes for smoothies in the future.
  9. Get some brightly coloured contemporary locally fired crockery from Clementina Ceramics in a bouncy shade & make mealtime even more conversational.
  10. Take a colourful therapy bath, our own colour bottles are infused with essential oils & have healing/ medicinal properties that are sure to give you a boost!
  11. Buy a brightly coloured bunch of blooms from or talk a walk through Kirstenbosch, absorbing the sunlight, blue sky & multicoloured brilliance in its natural state!
  12. Purchase yourself an adult colouring book from The Crazy store & use the time to create a fun but meditative & mindful state of being… stay tuned for a giveaway too!
  13. Take a crazy art class at Artjamming
  14. Play some colourful music, visit an art gallery or stroll through Bo Kaap, marvelling at what the colours do to your brain & your emotional state.
  15. Get some fun MUSH sensory slime, blow bubbles or create rainbows & get in touch with your inner child!

Whatever you decide to do, use this month to learn all you can about colour & make an intentional space for it in your busy life. You may find that colour can completely change your perspective & mirror some fantastic insights that will leave you completely blown away!





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