Crafted (Poetry)

Crafted (Poetry)

Crafted from the hand of the Mighty Creator of all things. Intricately drafted  by the one who made the stars to shine, the winds to sweep, the rain to pour. He builds & forges places & spaces & creatures & features that astounds & bewilders us with its mere magnificence.

It cannot be understood.

He delicately conjures up these complex plans for lives & spirits intertwined with destiny. A thread that comes together like a tapestry, He weaves & plaits, he forges forth because He sees things as we cannot do.

In the hidden spaces of a soul so masterfully assigned with greatness… gently gently the realization that there’s more to come.

Still so much more to come.

For by His hand, You are made for greatness and healing and wonder. Within His image he designs your very being. He builds you from the bottom up, the inside out. He gently molds your very being within His hands. So vast is His creation yet so meticulously shaped.

And as we grow & learn & know this thing called life upon this earth do not forget the reason why you have been made. Do not be lost in moments & things that dare to hold you from the dream with which you have been forged. Do not let your very mind deter you from your destiny designed. Do not let the world dictate to you what value lies already defined by The One so great…

He calls to you.

“Little one realise that within you I planted vastness that is beyond comprehension. Rise up mighty warrior child, beautiful being.


For you were made for such a time as this….

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