In looking at positivity, I have realised that it is definitely something that we choose & it is also something that we can train our brains to do. It is a way of existing that we are able to pre-plan & practice & although its bloody hard to be it all the time… the starting point is to try. To make a commitment to attempting to improve is a step in the right direction. I am human. I am NOT always a positivity poppie BUT I am learning & I will continue to focus on finding ways to TEST POSITIVE.

Being a Life coach HELPS me!

There are key focuses that I use with clients & facilitating those helps me with my own practice. No-one can be absolutely perfect all the time! Its virtually impossible BUT when you keep on working at something, eventually (after 21 days actually…) it becomes a habit. ‘Keep Going to Keep Growing’ The rewiring of the brain is a simple exercise. The brain will become accustomed to those hits of dopamine & seek it out. Its like training your fashion sense to find a great new look! Once you know where to look for it & you start & you practice it- it becomes a habit!


  1. Choose POSITIVE narrative

Positive Narrative is a choice. It is looking at the way that you view things & express these views. It is attempting to always give things a positive twist or to search out the positives in a situation. Its that ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’… ‘There’s a lesson in every hardship’… ‘Grow through what you go through’ type stuff.

There is so much negativity in the world already & because everyone wants to be heard, feel validated, be told that it is GOING TO BE okay, there may be a focus on the negative narrative rather than the positive. YET looking at things from a negative perspective often spirals into a monster that you are sometimes unable to contain…. I call it a gremlin. If you feed it, it will grow! Our brains are much like that. What we focus on becomes our focus & often it spirals into a runaway train that we then have to try to catch. I am not saying that we should make light of when we are having a tough time… I am saying that we must acknowledge what we are going through & look for a positive feed forward.

‘I am really going through a tough time with this issue!’ may be a valid, realistic expression of your current situation.

‘It is making me feel really anxious & stressed…’ would be the acknowledgement of the feelings involved with the dilemma you may be facing. Naming the emotions involved allows your brain to ‘tag the emotions’ so that it dampens down the lymbic system of your brain & allows it to remain focused on feeding energy to the Pre Frontal Cortex part of the brain to facilitate thinking clearly.

Concluding with ‘I know that there are things I could do differently to resolve/improve this’ could be putting a more positive spin on the situation. Making yourself a cup of tea & grabbing a notebook as a next step to tackling the issue at hand would be a GREAT idea!


The point is things will NOT always be sunshine & roses, sometimes there are darker days & moments of absolute panic BUT we survive. In fact we don’t only survive, we thrive & we learn & we stretch & we grow – if we choose to. If we allow ourselves to remain calm & look at things from a positive perspective… it can make all the difference in the world.

Here are some questions that I want you to ask yourself going through a dilemma you may be facing right now:

  1. How often do I find myself in this same dilemma?
  2. What impact is it having on me? How DO I feel about it?
  3. Am I willing to make a change to see it improve?

This is only the beginning of the conversation. Just yesterday I was astonished again at how, after just a bit of repetition & questioning, you brain does the work ALL ON ITS OWN!

At Evolution Inc. we hope to help people tackle big or difficult decisions to make changes that will catapult them into a whole new area in their lives. We are here to assist people navigate even sinking ships. We thrive on watching you find alternative solutions & put together amazing action plans. Its what we love to do!

I hope that today you have been able to find value in what we have shared. We appreciate your comments so please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback & ideas in the comments below. We are greatly looking forward to hearing from you!

Much love, light & blessings


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