I’m evolving every day… we all are. Most days I am learning more about myself, about other people, about what makes me tick, what ticks me off, what needs some deeper consideration, what needs mapping for future reference. I am a gatherer of information & lessons. I love evolution, I love positive change, I love growth & metamorphosis, I love seeing myself & other people thrive & develop. I also love reflection, I love insights & seeing the pieces of the puzzle come together. I love seeing it build & then eventually become everything that I ever dreamed it could be! We all have this ability… its mind blowing!

In what is called Strengthfinder, one of my strongest themes is a Relationship theme. I am a peoples person. I do people. I may not be a social butterfly, but I love connecting with people when I’m not powering down & reconnecting with myself. This is also vital for my survival. Recognizing that fact & staying true to my ambivert nature is an integral part of staying sane! What is an ambivert you ask?

Connectedness is another one of my strongest themes, I believe that everything & everyone is inter connected & linked. I believe steadfastly that we must try to see each other through clear eyes & that we are intrinsically aligned to one another. We are mostly part of each others process. This connection must be encouraged & nurtured. We have lessons to teach one another & if we don’t make an effort to reach out to one another, how will we learn these lessons?

As an ambivert, this is sometimes hard for me.

In my adult lifetime, I have spent most of my days around people. Large groups of people, varied personalities in large teams & corporate hot shots. From administrative assistants; Marketing Managers; Buyers & Planners; Project managers & Managing directors of large retail corporations: – You name it, I’ve mingled in those circles.

The biggest draw card for me has been the relationships. Building relationships through trust & consistency…. but at a certain point in the day I have needed to go home & just power down. Most times my system was overwhelmed & I just needed to be on my own for a couple of hours. This did not work well with 2 busy children to attend to, both of whom have Quality time as their Love language & have varying interests. It became really challenging to maintain balance & trying to please everyone. This mostly ended in me feeling burnt out.

My husband is also a hugely social character. He has a very close knit immediate family so any ‘small family gathering’ is at least 15 people, all squeezed often into a ‘too small space’ with a lot of chattering & eating & several kids running around. Very challenging when I have spent the week with a 9 man immediate report team, 6 man support team, 12 man field team, 9 Leading South African retailer buying divisions (meeting/ touch points varying from week to week)… challenging!

Now you can understand why a change was so VITAL!

Another theme of mine is Responsibility. I own things. Once I have decided that there is something specific that I need to achieve, complete or attain, I take psychological ownership of that specific thing. I also regard myself with high responsibility. I don’t pretend to be someone I am not & I take responsibility for who I am & what I am able to bring to the table. This is very rewarding, my responsibility drives me BUT it also drives me CRAZY. Sometimes I will take responsibility for things that have absolutely NOTHING to do with me. That always proves a challenge, especially when time does NOT permit any extra tasks on my to do list 🙂

& I have multiple Strategic themes. Achiever, Futuristic…I do thinking! Sometimes I do OVERTHINKING! I can get lost in my own mind, mulling over what may be the outcome of multiple situations. I like to look ahead, plan ahead & progress by building a road map. I DON’T do shortcuts. I can but I rarely allow myself that luxury.

Being a strategist, an intuitive, a creative, an empath, a realist but also a dreamer is all a bit much for my little body to handle… but I’m here & I am determined to play a role & make a difference.

You can test, score, analyse & reflect all you want, if you are not also consciously evolving while doing all of these, there is no point. Life is so full of lessons, some you teach yourself, some others teach you. I have a saying that goes: “From Awareness to Evolution- it starts with the knowledge of who you are & the vision of who you are becoming”

The journey has already begun, the path is already underneath you feet. If you are reading this post today, you are walking alongside me already & I am thrilled to be connecting with you. Thank you for taking the time…

Much love
Lynne xx

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