inner child healing

inner child healing

I love to talk about synchronicity because I believe wholeheartedly that everything is pre determined by the Creator & he has an infinitely perfect plan for every moment of every day. Our job is to be present, open ourselves up to the possibility & connect the dots; follow the bread crumb trail & solve the puzzle He challenges us with.

For those of you who follow me on social media, you will know that I have been on a huge mission about new beginnings & growth during last week. At the end of last week, the themes of GROWTH, NEW BEGINNINGS & GIFTS (past, present & future) became apparent. Let me first however talk a bit about synchronicity.

With synchronicity, there are patterns that become visible as we start to focus on each area of our lives & the messages that come through in every moment. To do this, to recognise the themes & fully grasp the messages coming through; one must be present in your own space. This is often very hard to do but is something that is very achievable. I have found when Coaching clients, when both the client & myself are in a positive, thinking, building, growing mindset; it becomes easier to see the synchronicities & move forward because of the ability to discern, acknowledge, unpack, integrate & action whatever needs to be actioned. It is a wonderful space to be in because the focus is more on finding solutions than wallowing in self pity & drama. I am not saying that we dont unpack stuff, Im saying that we acknowledge the challenge around what we are facing & move forward with an intention to progress through the pain.

When we talk about GROWTH, NEW BEGINNINGS & GIFTS, what comes to mind for you? For me, this brings to mind images of becoming who I am meant to be in this life, starting afresh, change, my childhood, where I am at now & where I am going.

In a session last week, there were 2 underlying themes that became clear focus areas & from what I am picking up across the board, may be important for many of us to note:

  • The Sins of our fathers
  • The Gifts of the Spirit

Today I will be covering only the first theme as I have ALOT to say about this one.

Many of us can refer to our childhood & point out things that we know have affected us. Most times adversely. As Children, we generally pick up habits as we are raised & feel the effects of our childhood as we grow into adolescence & adulthood. There may be traits that we are pre-disposed to, simply as a result of their prevalence in our lives as we were being raised. We may hear ourselves saying something, perhaps to our kids & think, ‘OH MY goodness, I sound just like my mom!’ or ‘OH MY nervous system, I married my dad!‘ We are influenced by what we are exposed to as children BUT like any habit, we do not need to carry these forward with us inevitably. We are able to make changes that allow us to alter our thinking, processing & actioning and thereby change the outcomes. The principles of Neuroplasticity come into play here.

The brain is relatively flexible given the right conditions. Through a structured process, we can influence our futures & ‘break generational curses’… FOREVER! I know this sounds very deep but it is a reality at all levels. At a psychological level, we can change the structure, patterning & neurological layout of our thinking; thus effecting change. At an emotional level, this allows us to deal with challenges differently & has a knock on effect on the physical aspects. At a physical level, these changes can alter the way that we process & work through trauma & eventually influence our physical well being. At all levels, including spiritual, this determines what we pass onto our children & leave as our legacy.

Ezekiel 18:20 speaks along the lines of:
“The son shall not suffer for the iniquity of the father, nor the father suffer for the iniquity of the son.”

My take on this verse is that although we may sometimes carry the sins of our Fathers in our lineage, we have a choice to make a change/changes that eradicates that sin from our future generations. Im not necessarily talking actual sin, could be challenges, traits, archetypes that we carry in our lineage. If we  focus on growing rather than stagnating, If we decide what serves us, what holds us back, what grows us & those around us & what has the opposite effect, we can make wise decisions that can improve our forward path.

Sometimes these sins, boulders, stumbling blocks, habits (call it what you like) can hold us back from truly being who we are meant to be on this planet! We think that we have no choice & that we just have to keep going the way we are BUT I am here to tell you that there are processes that allow us to really shift & evolve! Processes that allow us to becoming stronger & as a result make HUGE strides in achieving the life we so desire. We are meant to go through some stuff & its meant to stretch us… YES!

Supported by this process, I have had a client shift childhood trauma that has resulted in years of pain & unhappiness. More than 30 years of hurt that she thought she would have to carry with her into her future, pass onto her children & suffer into all of eternity with. We are now focusing forward & building a new legacy that is going to blow the top off the future!

I want to leave you with this thought today:
When a tree is blown by a gale force wind in one direction throughout a few years, the tree will take on the growth direction of that wind…. Similarly, if the tree, maybe with some help, is blown even gently by a breeze every day in the opposite direction, it has the ability to straighten its new branches & grow upright. Like this tree, your brain can change… your growth can be adjusted, your future can be affected. Never lose hope, the past is meant to grow you not break you. Subscribe to follow for more interesting themes…

Much love
Lynne xxx


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