Little Birds (Poetry)

Little Birds (Poetry)

The little birds you hear outside are sent you from the Lord. They come fluttering to your window to bring you a few words.

Gently so gently they draw strength from deep inside and they chirp about the beauty they have seen upon the skies.

They tell you of memories that drift on angel wings. They tell you of forgotten laughs and whispers that it brings.

They sing of unrelenting love, of bonds that never die. They sing of lingering heartache and tears on tired eyes.

They bring you joy that lives in places that eyes cannot see. They talk about forgiveness and acceptance and release.

They chirp about remembering and they bring you winds of grace. And on their wings they carry gentle kisses for your face.

They speak of whispers, things they’ve heard directly from the Lord. The voice of God they carry in their ululating sounds.

They bring you all these messages. They are assigned by love. They bring you these because you are just as missed from up above.

They say “Do not be imprisoned by the feelings of regret. Do not feel forgotten and never ever fret.

For along the shores of heaven someone looks into the sky. And they wish that they could have a day without that sad goodbye.

Jesus comes to walk beside them and He gently strokes their hair. He says, Child your loved one on the earth knows  just how much you care.

Come along and let’s pick flowers for the one you’re missing so. For in just the shortest while they will join us here you know.

In eternity we will meet them, when they stand here at the door. In the joy of reconnection, it’s like they’ve never left before.

And we’ll walk along this same shore, looking out along the sand. Come let’s go and pick those flowers, come now child, here take my hand. 


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