During this past week I have been inundated with messages from the Universe about LOVE! God has been mirroring LOVE as a theme for me countless times within the last few days. This is my testimony of that message.

I have been praying about challenges with my son who is moving into preadolescence. Praying for wisdom to help him navigate the changes that he is going through & the grace to help him learn to push his boulders without losing his footing as he travels on the roadway of his development. God has whispered to me that I cannot control everything, but that I must learn to LOVE him just as God himself loves him. Love him unconditionally & LOVE him with the LOVE of Jesus. Agape Love. I have been trying to emulate this absolutely unconditional, steadfast, sacrificial, pure love… & it is not always easy. I forge forward though… and I am so grateful that I have the Creator alongside me as I walk this road with my son. “LOVE HIM” said the voice from within me, “even when he is driving you crazy, LOVE HIM.”

I attended a new Bible studies class on Friday morning, it was the last of a series that I had not participated in. The entire presentation & message was extremely powerful! It reached down into the depths of my soul. The closing message was Psalm 62: 11-12. “Power belongs to you, God & with you is unfailing LOVE.” What resonated with me about this message is that God has the ability to do things that we cannot even begin to fathom. Your mind cannot even begin to imagine the height & multitude of his Power and the depth & magnitude of his Love. He can provide all things but we must learn to bring to him the desires of our hearts & entrust him with our toiling towards these desires. If you work for God, you are part of the management team.

I met a friend of mine for a coffee after & the main thrust of our chat was also around LOVE. We spoke about the message of LOVE as it is in the bible. We spoke about the fact that God loves us through everything, with everything, despite everything. We reminisced about the days gone by, the trials we had labored together & the blessings we had seen. We looked forward with excitement & dreamed of Grace filled days to come. Time stood still as we remembered all the wonderful testimonies we had experienced & with wonder & awe reflected on our blessings up to that point. As I later that day reflected back on our conversation, my heart reached for 1 Corinthians 13:7. “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” I suppose looking back what this means to me in trying to understand the messages being relayed to me right now is that with Love, through it, everything is possible. Healing is, trust is, faith is, truth is, connection is, forgiveness is, strength is… Even when you think you cannot take another step, if you focus on LOVE, you can take a few more steps towards your destination & reap rewards.

All of this past week I was debating going to an update Colour Therapy course being held over the weekend. Deliberating so many obstacles that I was probably placing into my own path. Fighting with myself about whether to go, whether not to go. Asking myself whether the investment of time & money is actually a need at this stage or whether I could just do some extra reading on my own. With encouragement & support from the people around me I realised that I also have to LOVE myself enough to allow myself the space & freedom to do what makes me happy. I realise that I have to fill my cup if I am to share my cup with others. I cannot share my cup if my cup is empty. Without seeing to my own needs & happiness, how am I supposed to walk alongside people as they try to find what makes them happy. In the end I went on the course & even MORE messages about LOVE came flooding in.

Driving to the course which was being held 140 kilometers away, 2 hours by car, I was engaged in a conversation with a lovely Kinesiologist also en route to the course. She was catching a ride with me (universally orchestrated of course) She told me the story of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len & the theory of healing called Ho’oponopono. It is an Hawaiian practice of forgiveness. There is quite a bit of theory around it which I have not necessarily investigated at length. I am also learning to take away from certain theories what works for me & I am attempting to not be too strict with myself all the time about how to incorporate certain theories into how I practice my own art form. My take away from all of it was that if I truly want to be happy with everything that crosses my path, I must learn to truly accept responsibility & LOVE myself & everyone around me. The phrase of Ho’oponopono says “I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you.” Everyday we chastise ourselves for things we do wrong in our minds. We rarely forgive ourselves & even if we do, we don’t TELL ourselves that we are sorry for the words we sometimes utter to ourselves, about ourselves. We don’t tell ourselves that we love ourselves, not in those words & not often. We are often tough on ourselves & we give ourselves a really hard time… most of the time. “LOVE yourself…. says the voice from within me. “You must learn to LOVE yourself & forgive yourself. LOVE everyone around you & forgive them also.” This is such a lesson for me everyday. Not being hard on Lynne, not being hard on those I place in high regard. Remembering that we are human, that we stumble, we fall. Remembering that God forgives us, supports us, encourages us unconditionally. I can do the same. I am made in his likeness so I can develop that new patterning & embed it. It is what I am trained to do!

As we revised some psychology around Colour over the course of the weekend, the message coming through over & over again in the colour itself was LOVE. The year 2017 for me also spoke about love. Over & over again throughout the weekend the message came through LOUD & CLEAR.

Just now, as I completed my morning meditation, bible reading & colour check, here it comes up again loud & clear. Learning about the fact that LOVE on the outside also comes from within, that abundance; plenty & enough are a result of LOVE. That we need to accept who we are, as God created us to be able to truly receive from him. If we believe that we are capable, even when we are learning how to improve certain behaviors, we can do almost anything. That we must learn to be generous with ourselves. Self acceptance gives us the ability to reconnect to who we truly are. It gives us the ability to create our world with truth & passion & purpose. That acceptance should help us gain clarity & that self love will help you to connect with your soul. If you love yourself as God created you, you are thanking God for his creation & showing love, gratitude & praise for his creativity & for your own divinity as his creation.

I just read somewhere now that Anger is a resistance to LOVE. Today I let go of Anger & embrace all things. The good, the great, the challenging, the stumbling, the stretch, the growth, the truth, the lies, the fact, the fiction, the light, the dark… ALL of it. I embrace it because it is my story. It is all of our stories & we are a part of all of it.

“I love you for all that you are & all that you are not yet, I’m sorry for the things that hurt & the things that feel unbearable when it hurts, Forgive me for the role I may have played, Thank you for everything & for the future.”




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