Collaboration station

Collaboration station

“the collective power of our gifts will cause a shift to take place"

Collaboration is key in moving business forward into the future. I believe that as entrepreneurs & business owners, we must understand that we all have different talents & abilities that can be maximized. The collective power of our gifts are what will cause this shift to take place.

The areas in which I love to collaborate currently are those in which I have had experience in the past. Retail, Buying, Fashion, Wellness, Beauty, Leadership, Brand management, Colour & Coaching to name but a few. I am however open to collaborating in any area that will stretch & complement my life purpose & path, looking forward to experiencing both stretch & growth from the new endeavors.

Alongside is a showcase of combining my passion for fashion & colour with one of the most talented personal stylists in the trade. A fun take on both fashion & colour, the aim of the series is to take the psychology of colour into clothing & give women an understanding of some of the subconscious patterning driving their decisions.

Connect if you would like to collaborate or inquire about how we could combine our talents to create something authentic & spectacular!



“Its may not be just one process, we can create it just like we can create anything we yearn for in life. It can evolve, just as we evolve. Explore just some of what we offer here…”