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Evolution Tools

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I have realised through my time exploring on my evolution journey that any tool, placed into the hands of the Father can be used to absolutely transform lives. In the bible, Jesus often used simplistic & commonly known metaphors to teach profound lessons. Every single aspect of my practice (including myself) is placed at the feet of the Father & is being used by Him to help shape & mould, direct & transform people’s lives. Staying close to Him for guidance & connection, helps me witness Him adding His magnificent touch to even the most simplistic approaches. 

Our bodies hold a myriad of messages, patterns & growth embedded & encoded within our very DNA. Informed by our experiences, our connections, our upbringing, our generational genetics. You were created so magnificently, with most of what you require already wired as part of your God design. You just need to recognise the patterning to decipher the code. 

Alongside my coaching process, I use bottles of coloured water & essential oils that each have a specific meaning to help people unlock their potential. In this case, Rainbow therapy-  therapy using the colours of the rainbow to reflect back to you themes, guidelines, personal patterns & sometimes blocks that may be triggering certain behaviours in your day to day life. Supporting a Vision focused coaching structure, you choose a few coloured bottles of essential oil to support your evolution journey process. These each hold an individual message based on the psychology of colour & in conjunction with the coaching structure, have the ability to unlock a story before your very eyes. Often, the realisation that the theme resonates & validates what you have probably been feeling all along is like a breakthrough. Suddenly you feel clear about what it is that is preventing you from living the life you dream about living. Supported by biblical verses, these rainbow inspired colours are a reminder of the covenant that was made with Noah in the days of old. The colour reflects back to you what has been embedded in your coding through your experiences. Even within nature, a calm blue ocean invokes in you a feeling of absolute deep mystic beauty & tranquillity; a flame tells you that there is danger & warmth held in the depths of its flickering beauty. Colour has a myriad of messages hidden just underneath the surface. Find out more by booking a coaching connection via the coaching tab!

Essential oils have also become an integral part of my own evolution. Essential oils are natural extracts (compounds) from the plant, the life force of the plant distilled by steam /water extraction or cold pressing method.  Often used in aromatherapy, a form of alternative  medicine that employs plant extracts to support health and well-being. I have found this natural method of treatment a much healthier, more chemical/toxin free & God given way to treat physical, emotional & even spiritual challenges. In the bible it is clearly stated in Revelation 22:2: “The leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.” I use essential oils to promote cellular level healing & unlocking of trauma, assist by grounding & relieving feelings of helplessness, fear, anxiety, grief, pain & dis-ease.

To explore essential oils choose from our existing range of essential oil healing blends available to purchase in our online store or contact me directly if you are wanting to start your very own oily evolution journey!

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