Walking in purpose

Walking in purpose

Today I am reminded how blessed I am, to have found the path to my purpose. It has not come without many realisations, sacrifices & tears. Giving up my old life, my corporate career, my lucrative monthly salary, my corporate wardrobe, my friends in the fashion industry, my comfort zone at the time, the power to make very influential decisions & impact many lives within my sphere of influence & everything I worked extremely hard to achieve over my 15 year career within the fashion industry. I walked away from a whole lifetime of sacrifices, blood, sweat & tears.

I reflect on these things today because I feel like I am busy stepping into another NEW season & so it feels fitting to look back & realise just how far I have come. I think SO many of us are finding ourselves at crossroads & reflection points. Coming out of Covid-19 worldwide lockdown, our ideas about ‘normal’ have been completely challenged. Our ideas about what makes us happy, what is good for our families & our mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing has been challenged BECAUSE we have had to face many days without the crutches that we have thought for the longest time define us. For myself, there have been profound realisations & the embracing of who & what I identify as within this world.

It is VERY EASY to be defined by a career, by a position within a company, by a qualification or a job. It is easy to be driven & influenced by these things, striving to show up as is expected within the parameters of our titles, our KPI’s, the companies requirements, the clients needs, your training & your target market. It is easy to become lost within all the information that the world feeds us around expectations & the rules of engagement. It is easy to show up within the parameters of your business strategy & in the drive to achieve your goals, your personal & income targets, your Vision for your life. This however could be driven by strongholds, habits, experience & advise from the ‘experts’ etc. Driven by the hustle culture, what the world deems as successful & motivated by what the world sees as progress. It is unbelievably easy to fall prey to every second ‘influencer’, blogger, mentor, strategist, thought leader & just the general craziness that the world encourages.

It is NOT always easy to walk in purpose. OUTSIDE of the strategy, your need to pay the bills, your human wants & motivations. Over this lockdown period, I have had the opportunity to flex my purpose muscles across many different scenarios & with many different people. I have stumbled by Gods grace across people who have needed advice, guidance or mentoring on Vision & structure but also had profound things to teach. It has been a life altering exchange of thoughts, realisations & truth on the road to self discovery & evolution.

Today I am grateful to be able to walk in my purpose with the full knowledge that I AM & WILL be taken care of. That does not mean that I don’t still struggle at times to reconcile myself to that fact. Today however I am acutely aware of my gratitude around being able to step out & do what God has mandated me to do, to impact lives, bring light to dark spaces, remind people of the love of Jesus, their magnificent design within Gods plans for their lives & hope, trust and faith in something soooooo much greater than themselves. For me…. there is nothing quite as wonderful as playing to my gift & having people recognise that ability within me… proof that I am walking steadily within the purpose plan for my life. When your God informed Vision matches the feedback …. you’ve hit gold.

You see, the world is always going to tell you that you are not good enough. The things of the world are always going to make you feel like you need to improve x 10 000 to match the requirements. That you need MORE training. That you need MORE experience. That you need some kind of profound strategy & that you need to keep on questioning who & what you are. God however takes you on the most gentle journey of evolution when you decide that its time to start walking within His plan for your life. When I say gentle, do not be under the illusion that there are no challenging emotions…. there are BUT because they are ordained by the Most High… you are often ready, waiting & expectant when the learning season comes & you are able to embrace the challenging emotions with a steadfast, expectant heart.

I was at a talk over the weekend & someone said it so fittingly. Your life is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God. This is SO TRUE for me! I am eternally grateful for God pursuing me relentlessly. I am grateful for every person, tool, experience, challenge, trail & decision that He has brought across my path. I am dumbfounded & in awe of how intentionally He loves on me, directs me, feeds my soul, orchestrates the connections & fuels my fire of my purpose. I am reminded daily of how EVERY. SINGLE. THING that He is doing across the face of the globe is ALL a part of His plan & connected to every soul that He is guarding on this earth. There is something to learn from even the things that feel like they have nothing to do with you. For He is omnipresent & majestic in His approach & He is always busy working out His design.

Be blessed lovely creation. I bless you to know that you are fearfully & wonderfully made in the image of the Most High for a time such as this. You were formed in your mothers womb for spaces & places that await your light. You are knitted together in a unique & creative fashion, like a garment waiting to be worn to a fancy banquet. He awaits the YES… so that you too might walk in the light of His creative genius for your life. To walk the walk of purpose, on purpose & with purpose.

Much love…


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